In 2014 Snell Packaging & Safety launched its first coffee product. The product is instant coffee made in Brazil from pure Brazilian coffee beans, while packed in New Zealand. I was tasked with designing the package design, while working with the director and marketing team.

The brief required a coffee cup and coffee beans as essential within the design. Therefore I chose to present these as the main focus of the front cover, as the selling point to attract customers. The brown Pantone 4625 C is used as the dominant colour due to its strong association with coffee. While the yellow Pantone 142 C is used as a highlighter in the design, and as a reference towards the Brazilian yellow.

The target audience are middle age workers whom often drink coffee in their break. Therefore a readymade coffee appears on the cover to signify relaxation and give an example of the coffee in use. While the bag of coffee beans are placed behind the cup, to reinforce the idea of authentic coffee beans used for the coffee.

The 600g packet is the main product only available for sale through Snell Packaging & Safety's official website. While the 60g packets are samples for company customers.