Vanessa Gao


A Big Little Step

Truth be told, this first post was meant to happen give months ago. I have a terrible habit of procrastinating tasks which need to be done, especially ones I fear until I ultimately can’t avoid it.

True it’s only words online, which probably no one will see, but I still feel it’s part of me that I’m revealing online.

In saying that though, I hope to use this little corner of data as my writing hub to improve my writing skills. They aren’t poor but definitely need some sharpening. At the same time this place will be my main focus to record my two-year Postgraduate and braces journey.

That’s all there is for now. If anything I hope to be consistent with at least one thing other than work in my life.   

PS. It's currently 11 degrees in Auckland, but a Cherry Blossoms look prettier on a blog so there we go.

Photo Credit to: Sven Muller