Every few years Snells Packaging & safety will print new copies of their safety and packaging catalogues. However each catalogue contains product guides which aren't available for online access. It is also difficult to search for specific guide information, as each catalogue is over two hundred pages thick. I chose to digitize the catalogues into a new website, which would work in conjunction with the main product shopping site.


Due to the large amount of information per guide, I designed a side menu to create order, and shorten the webpage length. Close up photography of the catalogue guides are also used on the banner to give physical depth to the webpage.  While the banner colours are also used as highlights on the side menu,  to reinforce the identity the guides identity.  All diagrams are recreated digitally to be used online.  

Customers can access the site from the homepage, and from the single product view page. As all products on the main website will have a link to its respective product guide for easy access.