My graduate project was to create a visual presentation of my identity as a western born Chinese. Through research and analysis, the conceptual theory of bicultural identities are examined, and applied into the creation of a final fusion design.

The design process for each letter is by applying the Chinese character “Gao - 高“ behind the English letter in the typeface Helvetica Light. This Chinese character is also my last name, therefore a personal link between myself and the design. From there onwards I developed the characters by looking at the English letter as base, while the Chinese aspects are added onto them.  

Three posters were designed to reflect the concept and aesthetics of the typeface.

"A" Poster explores the design aesthetics within the typeface, with illustrative details to enhance its structural design.  While at the same time emphasizing the fusion of Western and Chinese present within.

"I Ching I Chong, White man ain't got nothing on me" Is a poster which delves into a social stigma associated with Chinese people.  Through the typeface and the text, the speaker gives dominance over the racial comment which is now more empowering than negative.

"Valticao" represents and summarizes the whole typefaces concept. It reflects the struggles bicultural identities experience, while also being true to its own design origins.

Valicao full typeface.png
A developments.jpg
Aiyah poster 1.jpg
CC 2.jpg
Valticao 1.jpg